Leather Goods
Bags, shoes and belts can be purchased everywhere from markets to trendy boutiques, usually at much lower prices than the U.K.

Souvenir shops in lots of resorts sell attractive ranges of pottery.  Many shops along the coastal road will even pack your purchases carefully for you to carry them home.

Fashion and Beauty
The Algarve has numerous spas, beauticians, and fashion    boutiques which are often much less expensive than the U.K.

There is no limit to what can be taken home for personal    consumption and the prices of wines, spirits, liquers and cigarettes are cheaper than the U.K.

Local Liquers
Licor Beirao (a subtle blend of herbs with an aniseed flavour.)
Brandy Mel ( a mixture of local “firewater” and honey.)
Amarguinha (made from almond essence.)

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